Camp Pixel Project is a 4 day instructional summer camp for kids combining photography + graphic design located in The Woodlands, Texas. All campers will learn important photography principles, such as “aperture” and “ISO.” They will use their DSLR camera to apply those principles through various hands-on activities, games, and photo scavenger hunts. In addition, campers will learn important graphic design concepts such as “vector” and “raster,” while utilizing and maneuvering the Adobe Creative Suite products Photoshop + Illustrator. Campers will work on various graphic design projects, such as personalized stationery, posters, and party favors.

Jennifer West Pickard is co-owner with Tracy Robinson of SpryArt. Together they bring years of experience not only in their chosen fields but also as small business owners. We'd love to see your child at Camp Pixel!

Hi I’m Brooke and the first thing you should know about Camp Pixel is that the two teachers there are phototastic. The things that you will learn are amazing. You will learn to make photos bright and blurry or do graphic designs and create things like note pads or cupcake toppers.

Pictures on a phone are nothing compared to the photos on a camera. We used a ton of props to make our pictures terrific. Shutter speed is one of the things we used at CampPixel to make people look like ghost people because shutter speed make the camera slower to capture the image in motion.

In Graphic Designs my favorite thing to do was make cupcake toppers. The cupcake toppers were hard to do at first, but I slowly started to understand and loved making my own cupcake toppers. Making our own note pads was fun, fun, Fun! pasting to copying to editing Graphic Designs was fabulous.

In Photography, we used bubbles to focus and blur our photos. From photos to graphics Camp Pixel was a great experience for me and I can’t wait to try there techniques at home. Go Camp Pixel!!!
— Brooke
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Hi I’m Carson and I attended the third session of Camp Pixel. Camp Pixel is definitely not your “ordinary” camp. I learned much more than I thought I would. I knew nothing about graphic design before this camp, but now let’s say I know one or two things about Photoshop! The Photography portion tied a lot of information together for me. Mrs. Tracey (photography) and Mrs. Jenifer (graphic design) teach exceptionally. I made new friends and had a lot of fun.

In the photography portion we learned something new every day and then tied it all together on Friday. We learned how to use the aperture/f-stop, the shutter speed, and the ISO. During the week we used different modes to help us practice different shots. Then on Friday we used the Manual mode and decided everything for the shot. I loved being creative with my shots!

In the graphic design portion we learned so much in just a little amount of time. We made name tags, notepads, cupcake toppers, and even designed our own profiles on this website! We used Photoshop and Illustrator almost every day. We learned how to use each program and got to be creative with our designs.

This camp was one of the best camps I have been to and I would definitely recommend attending a session. Here are a few tips. Be creative. Make new friends. Have Fun!
— Carson
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Camp Pixel Project Photography