kg Wellness Branding
I did not realize all the steps that were needed to build an effective brand. I thought a logo was a “brand”, but JWP Design Studio helped me understand that a brand is the essence of the business. That every detail helps portray a message/feeling about who you are and what service you provide.
— Kathy
I am very pleased with the final product. JWP Design Studio designed my logo, my brand color pallet, website, newsletter, social media presence, and more. I love that Jennifer has developed a network of people to help you get started (SpryArt Photography, Vanessa Meyer - Social Media Expert). Jennifer and her team think of everything. I would not change a thing in the process.
kg Wellness image branding
I have had an amazing experience working with JWP Design Studio. Jennifer was creative, intelligent, and nurturing as she guided this first-time business owner through the process of brand development.

kg wellness was created by Kathy Gregory, a soft spoken, charming lady with a southern drawl that mesmerized me as she spoke about her passion for health and wellness. As she described to me the art of balancing life—kids, work, family, volunteering and everything else that we put before our own health, I could feel the excitement and electricity she had about her new adventure of wellness coaching. This wasn't just a new business but a new lifestyle that she really wants to share with clients and make a difference in each of their lives; to help them achieve their goals while navigating this most-of-the-time difficult journey. As she described this balance of mind • body • spirit the brand started swirling around in my head and I couldn't wait to start working.

We knew we wanted bright colors. The colors would make the brands feel fresh, inspired, carefree and liberated.

The flower growing from the first letter would be a symbol of the journey going from a shell of who we could be to a fresh, bright new life. The name (kg wellness) is all lower case letters because after I met with her there I knew there wasn't an ounce of judgment or stuffiness about her personality (which is perfect for someone coaching us through bad habits). The tag shows the structure and importance of mind, body, spirit by being displayed in all caps and finally progressing to BALANCE in a script, like it is dancing after the logo because once you achieve the previous three areas then balance is the refreshing dance you will take as you realize YOU are worth the journey.

We chose circles as a primary graphic for two reasons 1) to represent the complete circle of mind • body • spirit • balance and how they all work together as well as, 2) to show that we all have multiple "balls" in our lives that we need to juggle but one of those balls should definitely be a healthy you.

Phase two was image branding. We created 4 areas that we wanted to represent on the website, marketing and social media—Consulting, Nutrition, Exercise, and Workshops. Kathy took these categories to Tracy with SpryArt Photography who created a beautiful package of images that is perfect for Kathy's brand.

Phase three is a website. We are currently working on this phase and will launch soon.

Phase four, well, once a brand has a look, feel, message, and images it just can't sit in a folder waiting to bring in new clients so I referred her to Vanessa with Ness Meyer to help navigate the social media landscape and have Kathy's brand work for her business.

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Printing: I worked with Darin at Minuteman Press on Budde Rd in The Woodlands, Texas. They printed stickers and notepads. I also worked with Miller's Lab to create the business cards, intention cards, and fun quote cards.

Photography: The photography was taken by Tracy Robinson owner of SpryART in The Woodlands, Texas.

Social Media: Kathy will work with Vanessa Meyer, owner of Ness Meyer to create a social media plan that includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and a monthly newsletter. JWP Design Studio will provide the graphics for this package.

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